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Hydro Vac Excavation and Line Installation in Regina

Hydrovac Sask

In addition to our extensive excavation services, Vic’s Excavating Sewer & Water also offers Hydro Vac services.

We use Hydro Vac excavators to dig trenches and holes for gas lines, electrical lines, sewer installations and repairs, and water line installations.

Hydro Vac excavation is the only non-destructive method of digging. It uses pressurized water and a vacuum system to expose underground infrastructure quickly and safely. During the process, pressurized water is injected into the ground with a handheld wand and soil cover is liquefied and extracted. This effectively digs down deeper and deeper as need without disturbing any structures or pipes in the area.

Construction Equipment

Hydro Vac excavators can dig in all soil types, and with the help of heaters, can work in frozen ground. This method is safer than other excavation techniques. Increased productivity offsets the higher short term cost by lowering long term costs and reducing the need for repairs.

We also use the Hydro Vac units for trenching lines in congested utility areas. We can even dig piles for existing foundations that have no room for pile drilling equipment.

For more information about Hydro Vac services from Vic’s Excavating Sewer & Water, please contact us to schedule a consultation and estimate.